Fans to decide the new uhlsport match ball design for 2023/24

The Northern Ireland Football League has let its fans decide the design of the new uhlsport match ball for the 2023/24 season.

The new ADDGLUE technology ensures optimum playing characteristics and durability. The ball stands out for its extremely low water absorption, while its special High Air Retention bladder ensures minimal air pressure loss. The textured polyurethane upper with additional foam layer provides optimal ball control. The 24-panel construction ensures this FIFA QUALITY PRO-certified match ball offers the perfect roundness.

“We are delighted to kick off another season with the Northern Ireland Football League The special thing about the final design for the coming season is undoubtedly the voting of the fans. The online voting ultimately meant everyone could take part in deciding the final design, which we are delighted to present today. In terms of technology, we are, as always, advancing performance with our extraordinary uhlsport ADDGLUE technology,” says Melanie Steinhilber, Markets Director for uhlsport GmbH and member of the Executive Board.

Neil Coleman, NIFL Head of Marketing and Communications, says: “We’re really excited to have this ball come to life across all of the leagues and competitions across NIFL next season. Our fans’ involvement in selecting this design will help us build a deeper connection and create more memorable moments with this new ball.”