Kempa and Four Motors: Together on the path to greater sustainability

Under the motto “For the Planet,” the team sports experts from Kempa have set themselves the goal of linking technological progress with the reduction of the ecological footprint. The cooperation with the sustainable racing team Four Motors emphasizes the strategic orientation of both companies.

Green wins – Four Motors works with innovative partners from different sectors to implement the vision of sustainability. Since 2003, they have been Germany’s first motorsport team to specialize in sustainable mobility. Their ambition is to contribute to a livable environment and sufficient resources for future generations through new technologies and materials, which affects all industries.

Due to Kempa’s sustainable orientation of its collections, both quickly agreed that they want to start the future together. Kempa will now outfit the Four Motors team outside the box with team wear. The equipment of the racing team is to be completely sustainable by 2025.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Four Motors, a team that shares our passion for innovation and our commitment to sustainability. However, the cooperation also contributes to the idea of regional rootedness, which combines this – in the most positive sense ‘Swabian-mittelstand’ inventiveness – and is also part of our identity,” says Dirk Lehner, CEO of uhlsport GmbH.

“At Kempa, we want to combine technological progress with the reduction of our ecological footprint. This often requires unconventional paths in development. And so, the cooperation with Four Motors is uncharted territory for us. What unites us with Thomas von Löwis and Four Motors is the idea of proving that many things can be made more sustainable if you take one step at a time,” says Melanie Steinhilber, Director Markets uhlsport GmbH & member of the executive board.

“Similar to the automotive industry – and especially in motorsport – a rethink must also take place in the clothing industry. We all need ‘something to wear’. And we all want it to be comfortable and look good at the same time. In doing so, sustainability often fades into the background. And that’s why I have been toying with the idea for a long time to bring a clothing manufacturer on board the Bioconcept-Car project alongside the automotive technical innovations. With Kempa, we have now found the perfect brand for this – sporty, chic, sustainable thanks to organic cotton and recycled polyester – and regionally from the ‘Ländle’ like Four Motors, Smudo and me,” says Tom von Löwis, Managing Director of Four Motors.