Kempa Announces Partnership with the Portuguese Handball Federation

Balingen, June 7th, 2023 – Kempa, the sports equipment brand, is pleased to announce the inception of a new partnership with the Portuguese Handball Federation. From the forthcoming season, the national teams will be outfitted by the Swabian sports equipment manufacturer. This strategic partnership marks a significant expansion of Kempa’s core competence in the handball sector.

With the upcoming European Championship in Germany in mind and looking towards the 2028 European Championship set to take place in Portugal, the partnership opens up exciting new opportunities for Kempa and the Portuguese Handball Federation.

“With Portugal, Kempa gains an emerging handball federation that fits perfectly with our brand. The outstanding youth work in recent years and the resulting talents in the current A-national team promise athletic successes in the coming years. With a short-term view on the European Championship in Germany and a long-term focus on the 2028 European Championship in Portugal, we want to professionalize the handball structures together with the federation and further position handball in Portugal,” said Tim Grothaus, Head of Sponsoring and Promotion.

Kempa looks forward to shaping the development of handball in Portugal and simultaneously strengthening the global presence of the brand. Through outfitting the national teams, Kempa will play a key role in the further development and professionalization of handball in Portugal.

This collaboration brings together two prominent entities in the world of handball, with the shared goal of advancing the sport and supporting athletes across the country.

“We thank our former partner for the work they have done with us over the last few years, benefiting from a period of significant growth in our international visibility, which will end with the tournaments that the youth teams will play this summer. We have high expectations on the path we can take with Kempa that has always shown great interest in projecting our national teams to another level, with a very close work that is not only about supplying equipment but also about the Andebol Portugal brand.”– Bernardo Novo, Vice President of the Portuguese Handball Federation.

About Portuguese Handball Federation

The Portuguese Handball Federation was founded in 1939 and had a total of nine participations in big stages which include the first EHF Euro in 1994 and the IHF World Championship in 2003, in which Portugal were hosts. After 2006 the National A-Team had hiatus of participations in big competitions which ended in 2020 when Portugal achieved an historic 6th place at the EHF Euro. Following the huge success of the National A-Team, which has, since then, qualified for all the major international events including Olympic Games, the younger age teams have also performed at top level in last competitions including one silver medal. Portugal will keep growing hand in hand with the new sponsor and aims to reach higher international status.