Kempa presents the new handball shoes for the 2023/2024 season

Balingen, June 5, 2023 – The new Kempa shoe collection continues to rely on the strength of the established WING and ATTACK shoe families this year, offering a suitable model for every player type. The new look combines technically sophisticated shoe elements with a sleek and clear look under the motto “MAGMA”.

With the new shoe collection, you will leave a lasting impression on the field and create something unforgettable. Improve your performance, ignite the fire within you, and let your new shoes be the catalyst for your success.

“Our new handball shoe collection ‘MAGMA’ is yet another fantastic testament to our creativity and our constant drive for ever-improving performance, demonstrating a broad diversity and technical excellence. We remain true to one of our most important success principles: wanting to specifically meet the concrete needs of a wide variety of athletes – not only in the top product category, but in every other relevant price segment, we want to generally offer the comparatively best shoe for our athletes,” said Dirk Hendrik Lehner, CEO of uhlsport GmbH.

The new WING LITE 2.0 scores with its ultra-lightweight construction and proves to be a suitable model for fast rotational movements and explosive changes in direction. The dynamic honeycomb profile guarantees grip in every direction and allows for explosive direction changes. Inspired by Michelin racing tires, the rubber compound of the sole provides excellent performance in terms of grip and durability. Agile and flexible player types will be best supported, as the HighTec materials used promise flexibility as well as optimal support in all directions.

The ATTACK ONE 2.0 offers maximum stability and safety in every situation. The specially developed MATRYX® material excels with its high robustness and gives the shoe family optimal stability, which is maximized by additional TORSION SUPPORT support elements. Furthermore, the specially developed MICHELIN sole is adapted to powerful, intensive loads and results in maximum grip. The elastic inner sock provides the highest comfort and added stability.

The complete Magma collection is now available in the online shop.